Pre-2020 Showcase #4: Edible Herbal Front Yard with a Raspberry Arbor Fence

This was a native front yard renovation for a client who was an herbalist and had a young family. It required a deep weeding of invasive Italian Arum and blackberries, sheet mulching, and planting of native woodland species. There are edible and medicinal species for their family to use as well as a pathway made from an invasive english hawthorn tree that needed to be removed in the backyard. We constructed the fence to act as a barrier from foot traffic and trash from the very busy urban street and it doubled as a native raspberry trellis for neighbors and homeowners to enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Pre-2020 Showcase #4: Edible Herbal Front Yard with a Raspberry Arbor Fence”

    1. Hi Leonora, you can see the raspberry plants under the arbor/fence. The pictures were taken when we just planted them. So they were still babies. It will take time for them to grow and cover the arbor/fence. We will try to get a hold of this client to see if they can send us a recent picture of the fence.

      We often plant younger and smaller plants for our clients, because they are not only cheaper, but also more likely to adapt well to the particular conditions of a yard.

      1. Ok thanks. I was looking in the photos for an Arbor structure with some kind of roof. Maybe as a β€œTrellis” would be how the fence is being used.
        Looking forward to seeing those raspberries grow!

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