Budding Native Woodland-scape with Mini-Stonehenge Borders in Woodstock

This client wanted us to help them get the Backyard Habitat Certification, and we know exactly what to do! The site had grass lawns for their front and back yard. We sheet mulched some of the lawn and installed baby native woodland plants such as Ferns, Snowberries, Oregon grape, Wild Strawberries, Yarrow, Lupine, Oxalis, Wild Ginger, etc. This client was pleased with the fairy-spiral-mini-stonehenge-unruly-woodland aesthetics we were going for. We definitely want to come back next year to see how big the baby plants will get.

The back-to-nature design is one of our specialties. While we are perfectly capable of the more traditional, manicured look for our commercial clients, our residential clients often prefer a more rustic and personal look, so that they feel cozier and more at home in their yards.

Handmade Trellis
Handmade Trellises
Handmade Trellises

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