Bountiful Food Forest of Eden with Hugelkultur in Foster-Powell

This project is probably the most dear to our heart, not only because some of our workers live here, but also because it best represents our mission – creating landscapes that are good for the people and the planet.

Here’s a video of just a quarter of the yard:

We installed 17 fruit trees, 5 nut trees, 4 nut shrubs, 9 berry shrubs, 3 grape vines, and lots of herbs and perennial vegetables. We repurposed wood logs as borders that simultaneously add nutrients to the soil and host beneficial insects. We made Hugelkultur beds that packed years worth nutrients and facilitate beneficial microclimates for the vegetables inside. We sheet mulched the entire high maintenance invasive grass lawn and replaced it with clover and strawberry ground covers that constantly fertilize the soil. We raised chickens that ate the pests and further fertilize the soil. We introduced bees that pollinated the entire yard.

Here are some close-up photos of the crops that are coming to fruition!

Hugelkultur Vegetable Bed
Purple Artichokes
Asian Pears
Grape Vine Arbor
3 Sisters Guild, Medicinal Plants, Persimmon Tree, and Beehives
Lavender, Sage, Yarrow
More Sage, Laveder, Rosemary

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