Pre-listing Makeover: Lush Floral Garden Getaway in Greenway Beaverton

This client was in the process of selling their house. Their garden was lush but very overgrown. We were hired specifically for our ability to shape landscapes in a tidy, artistic, yet natural way. The client wanted the WOW factor, but they didn’t want the result to look manicured. After all, people want to buy cozy and lively properties that feel like homes, not sterile and mechanical ones that feel like dental offices. Plus, the timing was tight because of the sale process. It was a challenging job, and we delivered!

Often times, other landscape services use aggressive trimming and pruning methods that not only look sterile but can also severely damage the plants, making them sick. The turnaround may be fast and the result may look clean initially, but in the long run, it ends up costing the clients more to maintain sick plants.

While our specialty is regenerative landscape, our knowledge and skill set can easily be applied to traditional landscapes, making them more beautiful, healthy, and maintainable.

4 thoughts on “Pre-listing Makeover: Lush Floral Garden Getaway in Greenway Beaverton”

  1. Looking for some landscape ideas. I have a semi rectangular lawn.
    Grass is not cooperating. Want to do something else. What is your price range to come out and give me some quotes. .?

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