Industrial Native Rain Garden Restoration at Fedex by Arbor Lodge – Phase One

This client reached out to us after frustrating experiences with other landscaping companies who don’t know the proper ways to maintain native rain gardens / bioswales. They used aggressive landscaping methods that end up chopping off perfectly healthy native grasses. Our expertise in native plants allow us to identify native plants from invasive plants. We meticulously pulled out the invasive plants and restored the native ones.

We also laid out future plans to introduce other species of native plants so that this ecosystem will be more diverse and resilient, requiring less maintenance in the future. In the long run, it will save a lot more money for the client. On top of that, they will more likely to exceed the environmental standards and regulations that commercial businesses like this have to abide by. Feed two birds with one seed!

The google earth aerial picture below shows how large one section is. This section is the same one that the picture above shows. There are multiple similar rain gardens all over this site. Luckily SymbiOp has a large crew and is perfectly equipped to handle large industrial sites like this.

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