Charming Cottage-style Edible Garden in Rockwood – Phase One

This client had high grass lawn and ornamental flowers all around her property, which is a lot of work to maintain, especially because she has some mobility issues. We sheet-mulched the lawn, and replaced it with low maintenance flowers, edible plants such as blueberry, lavender, pineapple sage, yarrow, wild strawberries, thyme, oregano, chives, viola, echinacea, potted chocolate mint, etc. We also added rock borders that fit well with aesthetics of client’s garden gnomes. The plants are not full grown yet. We often plant smaller plants in order to save upfront cost for clients. It will be exciting to see how much more flourishing this garden will look next year!

The client’s budget was limited, so we divided the entire project into a few phases to be installed throughout the year. This was Phase One. By the time the next phase starts, the client will have saved up enough money for it. It’s like a payment plan, except there’s no interest!

Our clients often share the same goals and values as us – creating landscapes that are good for the people and the planet. That’s why we always try our best to work with them, no matter how big or small the budgets are. Thank you for your business and thank you for believing in us!

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