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  • Largest Native Plant Nursery
  • Largest Ecological Gift Shop
  • Edible Plants, House Plants
  • Chicken Feed, Soil, Compost
  • Tools, Homestead Supplies

SymbiOp Landscaping

  • Food Forest, Garden Bed
  • Native Ecoscape, Ecolawn
  • Butterfly Garden, Rain Garden
  • Regenerative, Permaculture
  • Residential, Commercial

We are a worker-owned cooperative. Our team has decades of experience. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all your ecological gardening, homesteading, and landscaping needs, for residential, commercial, and public land.

Our slogan is “For People and Planet“, which reflects our triple-bottom-line mission. This means we strive to create social and ecological benefits as much as (or more than) financial benefit.

To achieve this, we use regenerative ecological practice. Click here to learn what it is, and why it’s better than sustainable or organic practice.

Garden Shop Address, Hours, and Contact

3454 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR
All Week: 9 am – 7 pm
Tuesday: 12 pm-6 pm
(503) 893-8427

Please give us feedback when you come to the shop! This is a brand new shop, which means we are still learning how to best serve our communities. We will be adding new plants and products throughout the next few weeks. We will also be creating gardening workshops and classes once the pandemic is over. Thank you for your patience!

Latest Blog / News

Gardening Tips and Landscape Portfolio

Beyond Sustainability, Beyond Organic – Why We Prefer Regenerative Ecological Design Over Sustainable Design at SymbiOp

Over the past few decades, you probably have heard a lot about “sustainable system design” or just “sustainable design”. You’ve heard people designing sustainable gardens, designing sustainable communities, sustainable businesses, maybe even designing larger sustainable systems like cities, agriculture, and economy. On the other hand, you probably haven’t heard much about regenerative design. Or maybe when you …
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Pre-2020 Showcase #5: Edible Cul-de-sac Islands with an Herb Spiral

This project was for a newly-wed couple with a baby on the way. They were tired of the cookie cutter landscape that are often in new housing developments. Nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac, the landscape features a unique herb spiral bursting out the seams with perennial vegetables, berries, and beneficial plants and habitat for insects, …
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Pre-2020 Showcase #3: Three Food Forests for three Restaurants

When their garden could no longer keep up with the demand for three restaurants, the owners of reached out to see what could be done in making the grow show more productive, unique and requiring less overall labour. We took the approach of showcasing many incredible local farmers and letting them handle annual production, perennializing …
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